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Interim Credit Card FAQ

Interim Credit Card FAQ

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This year has been a great continuation of our dedication of services offered to Interim HealthCare, and 2015 is geared to look even better. We have recently reviewed our customer accounts to assess how to improve customer relations. One of the most requested customer changes that you will notice is the addition to pay for your on-line purchases using either PayPal or with a Credit Card. This will allow for immediate payment of your purchases, eliminating the need to be invoiced, saving you time and money.

PayPal’s primary benefit is that it enables you to pay for online purchases using your PayPal account or with any credit card. PayPal users don’t have to enter their payment information every time to buy something online; after proceeding to checkout, you will be directed to a secure PayPal landing page where you can either enter into your PayPal account or simply pay with a credit card. It is also a more flexible checkout process, in that you can store more than one credit card in a PayPal account, or opt for electronic withdrawal from a bank account, and then choose the preferred payment method when you check out. Finally, PayPal’s Purchase Protection program and its arsenal of antifraud tools safeguard you from unauthorized transactions, and since PayPal handles all of your financial information, you don’t have to worry about sharing that data with each and every e-commerce site. Your credit card numbers and bank account details are stored only with PayPal and are never shared with any merchants. Bottom line, PayPal offers you availability, convenience, and security.

As we are aware, this option may not be beneficial to all Interim offices, so we request that if you would prefer to be invoiced for your on-line orders, please fill out a Credit Application by downloading this form QI Form 12-CreditApp and emailing it to info@qualityimages.com or fax back to our office at (904) 636-8989 for accounting to review and approve your account to be established on a Net Term basis. Or just click on the download button below.

Download a Credit Application Here