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Print Solution

Quality Images guarantees the best in printing. We provide the following: Both Digital and Offset printing, complete 1 to 1 Variable Data marketing, web services, full 24/7/365 Online Document Center solutions, Marketing solutions, Graphic design, PURL (Personalized URLs) creation & consultation.

Personalized Relationship Marketing

Create a relationship with your customers with personalized design. We build your documents for variable data printing with ease and a flexible cross media production workflow system. This allows you to address your customers directly. QI’s response levels, recall rates and acceptance levels give you a clear advantage over conventional dialogue marketing instruments.

PURL (Personalized URL and Landing Page)

Variable data printing creates more personalized direct marketing messages. When used in conjunction with the web, the effectiveness increases significantly. Personalized URLS (PURLS) enable this print and online integration.

Personalized URL technology automatically generates unique web addresses for every individual in your mail file. Using the prospect’s full name a personalized URL is created as such: JohnDoe.YourDomain.com

Using variable data printing, each personalized URL is then printed on the corresponding piece mailed to each recipient. The recipient types the URL into their Web browser and taken to a personalized landing page where he/she can then see their own “private screening” of your offer, product or service.


QI offers a comprehensive suite of fulfillment services. Handling thousands of orders, we are prepared to meet your most demanding fulfillment and distribution needs. Custom knitting and assembly pick and pack combined with warehousing services with exceptional quality controls ensure accurate and on-time delivery.

Key feature of fulfillment services:

  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Real-time order-status tracking
  • Real-time production order tracking
  • Personalized imprinting capabilities
  • Digital printing capabilities